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UEFA Euro2024: Public Viewing Hotspots in Ticino

The upcoming weeks will be dominated by the European Football Championship. What could be better than experiencing the matches in a beautiful atmosphere and good company? In Ticino, you have various options to watch the games on big screens at public viewing events. From June 14, 2024, to July 14, 2024, here are some key locations:

  • Lugano: The games will be shown on Piazza Manzoni. On certain dates, there will also be face painting for kids and live music.

  • Locarno: Matches will be screened at Piazza Remo Rossi, accompanied by concerts, DJ sets, and street food.

Additional info:

  • Bellinzona: In Parco Urbano di Bellinzona, a large screen will be set up for the public to enjoy the games. You can also enjoy concerts, street food and a kids corner.

Additional info:

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