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Immerse Yourself in the Theatrical Magic of Finzi Pasca's "Bianco su Bianco" at Lac

This week, prepare to be amazed as the incredible troupe of Lugano director Finzi Pasca takes the stage at Lac, offering a captivating journey into another realm. Finzi Pasca's journey is as fascinating as his productions. Born in Lugano, he began his career as a clown before co-founding a circus with his wife. Today, he and his company are celebrated worldwide. Among his many achievements, Pasca has directed a show for Cirque du Soleil and orchestrated the opening and closing ceremonies of some Olympic Games.

At Lac this week, "Bianco su Bianco" unfolds, where two surreal acrobatic clowns engage in a dialogue with a universe of light and sound. This universe draws inspiration from the "forest of light" featured in the Olympic Stadium in Sochi, though tailored to fit the confines of a theater stage. Additional information and tickets for the performances on Friday, February 23rd, and Saturday, February 24th can be found at this link. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Finzi Pasca's theatrical artistry.

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