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Exploring the Benefits and Risks of AI

Next week, there's an intriguing and contemporary conference focusing on the uses and risks of AI. The aim is to stimulate reflection on the role of artificial intelligence in human life. While it remains an enigma and sparks many fears, it also represents an exciting evolution and a challenge in innovation processes.

Facing the risks associated with this powerful technology requires a cultural deep dive. Already today, we can observe its impact on our choices, freedom, autonomy, and social relationships. We all want to ensure a society based on human values, even in the future.

Beyond delving into these challenges, the conference will particularly examine the risks related to environmental and social impact, democracy, and fake news. However, it will also highlight the opportunities AI offers, provided it is used consciously with new technologies, rather than blindly adhering to dogmas or unfounded prejudices.

The conference (held in Italian) will take place on February 14th at 2:30 PM in the multipurpose hall of the Theological Institute of USI. For more information go to:

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