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Join the Fondue Fun on December 3!

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, sparking a desire for cozy evenings in good company. Perfect for this mood? Cheese fondue! This traditional dish is well-known in the northern regions of Switzerland and in the mountains, but it's also found in Lugano.

The fondue experience isn't complete without the traditional fixings: think classic white or semi-white bread, perhaps even a side of potatoes, or for a lighter twist, pear slices to dip into the gooey, melted cheese. And here's a secret for the garlic aficionados: lightly toasting the bread and gently rubbing it with raw garlic adds an extra zing to the whole experience.

But the fun doesn't end there! Elevate your evening with a traditional game—setting the stage at the start to decide the consequence for losing your bread in the cheese. Think small, quirky tasks reminiscent of a truth or dare game, leaving the possibilities limited only by your imagination.

And mark your calendars! On December 3rd, Piazza Rezzonico in Lugano hosts a special fondue event. You can reserve a kit for a group of four, priced at 30 CHF per person, ensuring you have everything required for a fondue feast. Beverages are ordered separately. With limited spots available, all the details can be found and registrations made at Get ready to dive into a cheesy affair and create unforgettable winter memories!

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