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Lunch & Co-working
Lunch & Co-working

ven 23 giu



Lunch & Co-working

Come and join us for our first Lunch and Co-working session!

Orario & Sede

23 giu 2023, 12:00 – 17:00

Locarno, Via Gioacchino Respini 9, 6600 Locarno, Switzerland


Info sull'evento

Come and join us for our first Expats in Ticino co-working session! We will meet at 12:30 to have lunch at BLUE Locarno before co-working in the afternoon. The co-working session will take place upstairs in BLUE Locarno and is free of charge, thanks to

You can focus on any project during co-working; it does not have to be employed work. Maybe you are a parent and would like to do family admin during this time. Maybe you are looking for work and would like to apply for jobs during this time. How you use your time during the co-working session is up to you. The important thing is we will spend some time together :)

Our Ambassador, Linda, will greet you on arrival and make you feel welcome. You can come for lunch and co-working, just lunch or just co-working. Please choose the appropriate ticket option. Each person will pay for their own lunch.


  • Lunch & Co-working

    Please note: each person will pay individually for their lunch at the hotel.

    0,00 CHF
  • Lunch only

    Please note: Each person will pay indiviually for their lunch at the hotel.

    0,00 CHF
  • Co-working only

    There is no charge to work at BLUE Locarno, thanks to

    0,00 CHF


0,00 CHF

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