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2-Day hike to Capanna "Monti di Lego"
2-Day hike to Capanna "Monti di Lego"

sab 13 mag



2-Day hike to Capanna "Monti di Lego"

See all details below. Max 10 people.

Orario & Sede

13 mag 2023, 19:00 – 14 mag 2023, 19:00

Lugano, Stazione FFS, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland


Info sull'evento

I want to come what should I do?

Read carefully all the details below, reserve your spot and pay the 70 CHF participation fee via TWINT.

What’s included in the participation fee (70 CHF)?

Dinner, night in the hut and breakfast (no public transport tickets and no drinks). Drinks will have to be paid separately based on what we consume

Where and when can I pay the 70 CHF fee?

Please pay right after clicking the RSVP button below that confirms your spot. You can pay via  TWINT to +41 79 966 72 89 and send then a screenshot of the receipt with your name to the same number. Thank you for not using cash. This makes it way easier to organize everything :) 

But... I don't have TWINT...

No worries, you can download it from

How hard is the hike?

You can check the details below. Keep in mind you have to be able to walk uphill on alpine unpaved path for at least 4h. 

  • Day 1 it's an intermediate hike where we’ll go up together to Capanna Monti di Lego
  • Day 2 you can choose between and intermediate hike down to Tenero train station with lunch in a restaurant somewhere or a harder hike to Mt.Madone (2000m). Keep in mind the intermediate hike down will be self-guided (just download the Komoot app from AppStore or PlayStore) since some of us will go to Mt.Madone.

What to bring:

Hiking boots (no running shoes), Windproof  rain jacket, warm sweater, sleeping clothes, 1.5l of water, lunch/snacks for both days while on the trail (put them in a bag with your name).

Where will we sleep?

In a one big bedroom. No need for sleeping bags.

Are there dogs / can I bring a dog?

The hut owners have two dogs. There’s sleeping room for small-sized and really well behaved dog right next to our sleeping area (the hut owner will put a blanket instead of the wooden stairs in this picture).  Keep in mind the owners categorically do not allow dogs in the room where the matress are (and people sleep). So please bring dogs that can peacefully sleep by themselves and won't create issues for any other person. 

What’s the weather like?

Keep an eye on the SwissMeteo site

Will we go if it's bad weather too?

We'll keep an eye on the forecasts. In case of rain or bad weather we will cancel and the participation fee will be refunded. 

Can I see some pictures of the place where we’ll stay?

Just Google “capanna monti di lego” and click on Images ;) as simple as that


DAY 1 - Intermediate hike

🎯11:20 Lugano Stazione

🚂11:31 Train RE80 to Tenero (direction Locarno)

🚌12:13 Bus 321 to Diga Verzasca (direction Sonogno)

🥪12:30 Lunch & snacks on the dam

🥾12:45 Hike starts

🛖16:30 Arrive at “Capanna Monti di Lego” with picture time and rest before dinner


Trail - Day 1 ⛰️

🕧 3:11h ↔️ 5Km ↗️ 720m

Trail map


Travel times and directions 🗺

Google maps itinerary


DAY 2 – Intermediate option down to Tenero Station 🌻

⚠️This hike won’t be guided since I’ll do a harder hike. Download Komoot map and follow the directions down.

🥾10:30 Hike down toward Tenero Stazione

🍝12:30 Lunch of your choice in a restaurant in Tenero some suggestions: Grotto Scalinata, Antico Pozzo (

🚆13:30 (every 20/30 min) trains to Lugano


Trail - Intermediate Day 2 ⛰️

🕧 2:30h ↔️ 7Km ↗️ 120m

Trail map [Intermediate]

DAY 2 – Hard option to Madone 💪

🥾09:30 Hike up toward “Madone”

🍝12:30 Lunch somewhere in the mountains

🚌 16:37 (last 18:37) Bus leaves from Mergoscia Busada station (every 30min)

🚂 18:30 (every 20/30 min) trains to Lugano


Trail - Hard Day 2 ⛰️

🕧 6:00h ↔️ 13.3Km ↗️ 910m

Trail map [Hard]

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